Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to deposit an e-thesis?

Why should I deposit a digital copy?

Why does Birkbeck want me to deposit a digital copy?

What happens to my thesis once I send it?

What is Open Access?

Doesn’t OA enable plagiarism?

Is depositing equivalent to publishing?

How do embargoes work?

What about extended or permanent embargoes?

Which draft of the thesis should I deposit?

What is Third Party copyright...?

...and why is it important?

What if I can't clear the third party objects in my thesis?

What’s the point in submitting digitally if it won’t be Open Access?

Which format should my files be in?

How do I submit my e-thesis?

How should I name my files?

Should I include the signature page?

Why aren't older theses available on ORBIT?